What Paletas are ?

Originally from Mexico, these desserts/popsicles have been expanded throughout all South America and now they reach Asia.

Paletas literally translated from the Spanish word meaning “Palette”, which describes the wooden stick on which our signature blends are served.

About Us | Paletas Wey

Real fruits, real freshness on a stick!


It’s the most refreshing and healthy category. For these Paletas our dedicated team selects the most ripped fruits and blends them in order to reach smooth purees that will give shape to our incredible creations

Perfect balance of milk for a delicious creaminess!


These Paletas are made by combining fresh blended fruits with a splash of our pasteurized milky base creating a soft & rich texture packed with flavors and colors

Sophisticated flavors for every bite!


The Premium category, as its name says, are very elaborated Paletas combining slices and whole pieces of fruits together with stuffed paletas. Each of these master creations will take ice cream world to a different level.

Delicatelly crafted ingredients for a real indulgence!


The King of the throne, our Gold category combining all the methods and techniques with the addition of the best imported ingredients has resulted in this selection of delicatessens.